Nov 17

Biometrics during the Coronavirus

High security and antibacterial protection with the wave of the hand

Nov 12

Hello Bulgaria!

We have signed a partnership agreement with Bulgarian company, Spotcommunications, who will sell BioSec solutions in the Bulgarian market...

Nov 09

New UK partners on board

Homstec/Omstec, Novus Technologies and Prozellerz became BioSec partners.

Nov 03

New international distributor

We have signed a Cooperation Agreement with a new international distributor, Prianto GmbH.

Oct 29

Ongoing integration with Siemens’ SIPORT…

The integration of our LifePass biometric authentication middleware with Siemens’ SIPORT access control and time tracking system is underway...

Oct 12

Light Controller under development

A new controller for the integration of LifePass with RFID systems is under development.

About us

Who we are?
BioSec Group Ltd. is a dedicated supporter and developer of biometric solutions.

What do we do?
We not only design, develop and manufacture, we also would like to shape the future of biometrics with our solutions. Our goal is to maintain high security level, while providing convenient solutions for large masses both in indoor and outdoor conditions. BioSec is solely specialized in palm vein recognition based solutions and does not develop on other technologies, thus ensuring the highest level of knowledge.

The technology

The biometric authentication system is a technology, which measures the individual physical characteristics of a body and uses the data for personal authentication. In our case, the vein sensor within the palm vein scanner measures and records the hand’s vein structure by the emission of infrared light.