OSDP v2 compatibility

Our LifePass biometric platform is OSDP v2 compatible.

Secobit becomes manufacturer representation

German security service provider, Secobit GmbH has been a BioSec partner since 2017.

Ongoing integration

The integration of our biometric platform is currently underway with Genetec’s Security Center Synergis™ IP access control system.

GateKeeper is coming to the Milestone Marketplace

Last year we became a Milestone technology partner.

Biometrics during the Coronavirus

High security and antibacterial protection with the wave of the hand

Hello Bulgaria!

We have signed a partnership agreement with Bulgarian company, Spotcommunications, who will sell BioSec solutions in the Bulgarian market.

New UK partners on board

Homstec/Omstec, Novus Technologies and Prozellerz became BioSec partners.

New international distributor

We have signed a Cooperation Agreement with a new international distributor, Prianto GmbH.

Ongoing integration with Siemens’ SIPORT system

The integration of our LifePass biometric authentication middleware with Siemens’ SIPORT access control and time tracking system is underway.