Table tennis with veins

We know that when it comes to something different and new, like biometrics, people tend to keep distance.

Meet Jack

At the end of last year we have launched a whiteboard video series to make it easier to understand our solutions.

Honeywell WIN-PAK® + BS LifePass

BioSec has made a full scale integration with Honeywell’s WIN-PAK® access control system.

BioSec and Fujitsu for secure future

Fujitsu has entered a partnership agreement with BioSec, to bring the new generation of security technology to the EMEIA region.

New biometric terminal coming soon

A new biometric authentication unit will be available in the BioSec portfolio soon.

StadiumGuard, not only for stadiums

Our StadiumGuard security and service solution package is also available for sports halls.

Biometrics and students

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics’s building Z is secured by BioSec’s palm vein recognition based technology.

Higher security for lower price

BioSec has signed an agreement with STid, which provides its RFID solutions for our StadiumGuard, GateKeeper and PayHand products.

We are on twitter

You can find us on another social networking site since January! Our account can be reached on Twitter under the name of @realbiosec.