What is BS LifePass?
BS LifePass is a palm vein recognition based biometric personal authentication system (middleware), which can be easily integrated into any third party system.

The BS LifePass in details:
The BS LifePass was specially developed to integrate the security of the palm vein recognition based technology into any system, thus replacing or completing low security passwords, cards and other devices. Using BS LifePass, the highest security can be provided in the client’s own system, by using his/her hand.
The BS LifePass is the core module of all our systems, as it includes the authentication solution itself, without any additional features. The BS LifePass is a so called middleware, which can be integrated into any third party system via interface.

Main benefits of using the BS LifePass personal authentication system:

  • The vein structure cannot be stolen, therefore it is an ideal factor for authentication
  • External injuries do not influence the authentication’s quality
  • It leaves no trace, therefore it is not suitable for secret data collection
  • 1 second authentication time
  • 1:n authentication
  • 1:1 multifactor authentication is also possible in case of template on card verification
  • Ideal solution for large numbers of users
  • It can be integrated easily via standard interface since it works as a middleware
  • Anonymous database can be also created
  • System diagnostic module
  • Can be customized easily
  • Direct contact with the developer


Applied OP system: Windows 8, 8.1 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu 16
Database: MSSQL, PostgreSQL
Active Directory: complete compatibility
Possible authentication procedure: verification (template + username), identification (only template)