BioSec’s service package for physical access control include the planning, installation and maintenance of electronic and mechanic systems, as well as the consulting services. The BS GateKeeper physical access control system (Palm Secure vein base biometric technology) combines the world's most developed vein template algorithm with speed, user convenience and highest security. The vein sensor represents the latest biometric technology, due to the fact that the vein template is an inner „ID”, therefore, it cannot be reproduced, copied or faked. The Common Criteria Certificate, which is the highest classification in the field of IT security underlines the above mentioned.

Using BS GateKeeper instead of cards, PIN codes, your hand becomes the key, what you carry always with you. You can identify yourself with your hand and open doors. 

At our largest reference site, in the FTC soccer arena, more than 100 000 people are registered and the BioSec system identifies in average more than 15 000 visitors within two hours before the game. 

The BS GateKeeper physical access control system is a modular, flexible system, which does not contain any complicated network structure. There are no limitations in the number of users, or the size of the system.

On international level BS GateKeeper has been integrated with following systems:

  • Kantech RFID access control system
  • Honeywell WinPak and NetAxc RFID access control system

BS GateKeeper physical access control system has the following benefits:

  • Highest security in identification
  • No need for physical cards, therefore cost effective solution
  • The ID cannot be lost, copied or reproduced, since it is an inner biometric ID
  • Compatible with most regular and standard systems, easy to integrate
  • The person needs to be registered in one system only once in a lifetime
  • Large network systems can be also created
  • Common Criteria Certificate
  • 256 bit encryption, also encrypted data flow
  • Active Directory compatible, therefore IT and physical access right management can be done using only one surface
  • High security, FAR 0,00008%, FRR 0,01%
  • Can be fully integrated into all Biosec solutions, as well into 3rd party solutions via software or serial, CAN bus, Wiegand, LBus interface
  • Can be combined optionally with RFID cards 

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