Who we are?
BioSec Group Ltd. is a dedicated supporter and developer of biometric solutions.

What do we do?
We not only design, develop and manufacture, we also would like to shape the future of biometrics with our solutions. Our goal is to maintain high security level, while providing convenient solutions for large masses both in indoor and outdoor conditions. BioSec is solely specialized in palm vein recognition based solutions and does not develop on other technologies, thus ensuring the highest level of knowledge.

What is our goal?
Our goal is to provide a solution rather than a product to our customers, as it is important for us to support our partners and customers to integrate our high-tech products into the desired environment.

How we become the experts of biometrics?
Our company’s uniqueness and outstanding expertise can be derived from the fact that we only develop biometric solutions, namely palm vein recognition based technology, therefore our sales experience and feedback from our customers are immediately used in our developments and products.