High security and antibacterial protection with the wave of the hand

High security, convenience, simple- and contactless use. Whether physical- or IT security, you can find all these in our palm vein recognition based solutions.

But what is palm vein recognition?

Palm vein recognition is one of the most advanced biometric technologies. The palm vein scanner measures the vein structure within the hand at maximum ~5 000 000 reference points for personal authentication. In opposite to other biometric technologies, which use surface characteristics, the vein structure is an inner characteristics, which is not visible from the outside, thus it cannot be copied, reproduced, stolen or used for secret data collection.

Biometrics during the Coronavirus?

Yes! It is important for us to not only protect our users’ environments, but also their health, which is extremely important during a pandemic. We would like to support the fight against the Coronavirus with the followings:

  • CONTACTLESS USE: All devices of our latest „Triple” product line (access control terminal) are available in contactless version.
  • TITANIUM-DIOXIDE LAYER: Our biometric devices are available with a Titanium-Dioxide (TiO2) layer for an even higher antibacterial protection in case of request. The Titanium-Dioxide is the naturally occurring oxide of Titanium, which prevents the creation of bacteria and virus cultures when used as a sterilising solution.
  • HIGH BODY TEMPERATURE DETECTION: Our biometric physical access control system was integrated with a third party body temperature detection system. With this solution, potentially infected people can be identified automatically at the access points before they get in touch with even more people. As a result, only entitled people with normal body temperature can enter the given facility, preventing virus transmission.

In addition, our LifePass personal authentication solution is also available with SEAWING’s SIS RFID access control system, providing an even higher security level in contactless version.

Why BioSec solutions?

  • The vein structure is completely unique for everyone (even identical twins have different vein templates), providing an outstanding level of security and it can be used in a wide range of markets
  • The vein structure is below the surface of the skin, thus it cannot be copied, stolen or reproduced
  • There is no need for RFID cards, passwords, chips or bracelets, providing a cost effective solution (the replacement of lost, stolen identifiers means constant expenses)
  • BioSec solutions can be easily integrated into existing systems via standard interface (several integrations are already available, including SEAWING SIS, Honeywell WIN-PAK®, etc.)
  • It can be easily used by anyone regardless of age or abilities
  • Extremely fast, the biometric authentication takes only ~1 second
  • Surface injuries on the palm do not influence the identification quality