Fujitsu has entered a partnership agreement with BioSec, to bring the new generation of security technology to the EMEIA region.

The partnership focuses on BioSec’s palm vein recognition based security solutions, which will be available in the Fujitsu product portfolio, including BioSec’s physical access control-, IT security- and stadium security solutions.

Part of the agreement is that Fujitsu will sell BioSec solutions in the EMEIA region, where there is a significant interest for innovative high security technology, such as biometrics, which provides a convenient alternative for passwords, PIN codes, keys, cards and tokens, just to mention a few. The magic behind biometrics is that it is something the user is, therefore people do not have to remember complicated passwords or searching for keys and access cards all the time.

According to BioSec, the future’s security is in our hands, more precisely in our veins, as our vein pattern is an absolutely unique physical characteristics, which provides a perfect “material” for secure authentication. “As people are getting more familiar with biometric solutions, they see that there is great difference between technologies. Even fingerprint recognition is the most widely adopted technology currently, it is not necessarily the most secure one. There is no 100% security solution of course, but palm vein recognition is quite close to it.”

BioSec has been developing biometric solutions based on Fujitsu’s PalmSecure™ technology for almost a decade, combining high security with convenience. This is also confirmed by worldwide references, such as a European soccer arena, where BioSec’s stadium security concept proved to be the Formula 1 of biometrics. Despite large numbers of people of different ages and abilities, the BioSec system has shown that high security should not compromise user experience, providing secure, fast and easy to use security solutions for more than 100 000 users at the arena. The company says the situation is the same, whether it is a high security premise, ATM, computer, hospital or any other place, involving one person or a million – they are ready to secure and ease people’s life within a blink of an eye.