We have exhibited at the Fujitsu booth at Europe’s largest expo for IT security, as the OEM supplier of the Japanese tech firm.

At IT-SA, we have demonstrated the latest PalmSecure™ product line, which was revealed in July under the name of Fujitsu BioSec. We have showcased the latest solutions based on palm vein recognition, the ID LifePass, ID GateKeeper, ID Login V2 in Nuremberg from 8 to 10 October. Besides demonstrating the above solutions in an interactive environment, visitors of the Fujitsu booth could also make coffee with palm vein recognition. For “biometric” coffee making, attendees just simply placed their hands above the palm vein sensor and after successful authentication, they could enjoy their freshly made coffee and the fast authentication time of the system. In addition, attendees could also try their luck and participate in a lottery game based on palm vein recognition.