New UK partners on board

Homstec/Omstec, Novus Technologies and Prozellerz became BioSec partners.

New international distributor

We have signed a Cooperation Agreement with a new international distributor, Prianto GmbH.

Ongoing integration with Siemens’ SIPORT system

The integration of our LifePass biometric authentication middleware with Siemens’ SIPORT access control and time tracking system is underway.

BioSec solutions in South Africa

This fall, we started a cooperation with South African company, CoCre8 Technology Solutions.

Light Controller under development

A new controller for the integration of LifePass with RFID systems is under development.

RackGuard on the home stretch

The testing of our RackGuard solution will be completed at the end of October.

Palm vein recognition at a construction site

Construction sites involve unique challenges. A lot of unique challenges.

New product names

From the 1st of July, our biometric computer login solution, previously known as BS Login is available under the name of BLogin.

Opening turnstiles biometrically with Blocker Kft.

We have started a cooperation with Blocker Kft., who offers high level physical protection, access control, crash tested and certified security solutions.