Construction sites involve unique challenges. A lot of unique challenges.

When it comes to choosing a security solution, there are many requirements from simple installation (even on a temporary basis) to operation in dusty outdoor environments with large numbers of users, resistance to dirty and injured hands to name a few. That’s why a German construction site has decided to choose a unique security solution to answer these challenges. And what would be more unique than a solution, which identifies the vein structure within the hand in 5 000 000 reference points? That’s exactly what our GateKeeper physical access control system does, which was also chosen by the German construction enterprise. Our GateKeeper system ensures that only authorised users can enter the construction site and banned people can be kept outside of the area with the greatest certainty. GateKeeper provides an outstanding level of security, ease of use and fast authentication time (~1 second) for a large numbers of users with 1:N authentication. In addition, GateKeeper ensures a cost effective solution, as the user only needs his/her hand for authentication, thus the costs of replacing stolen or lost access cards can be eliminated. By using GateKeeper, installed or flexible authentication points can be applied and the system can be also used contactless. In addition, it can be also set that only those employees can enter the area, who have attended different trainings, such as Occupational Safety and Health Training.