What is BioKrypt?
BioKrypt is a biometric e-mail encryption system, which replaces unsecure passwords.

BioKrypt in details:
BioKrypt replaces unsecure passwords with palm vein recognition based biometric e-mail encryption. By using BioKrypt, the user only needs his/her hand for high security e-mail encryption.

In order to encrypt a message with password, the following options are available:

  • send the password to the recipient via SMS
  • send the password via e-mail to the recipient
  • discuss the password in advance, but in such cases, personal meeting is required each time to change the password

By using BioKrypt, the recipient of the encrypted e-mail and its attachments can be chosen previously in an enclosed environment. The encrypted e-mail can be only opened by the recipient’s palm vein pattern and after closing the e-mail it will be stored automatically encrypted.
Our solution is Microsoft Outlook compatible, therefore it can be installed as an add-on feature.

After installing BioKrypt, the user has the following three options to send an e-mail:

  • Encryption via biometric HASH code
  • Password based encryption
  • Sending e-mails without encryption

Main benefits of using BioKrypt:

  • Unsecure passwords, which can be stolen easily are replaced and managed by single-gate biometric identification
  • No more expiring passwords
  • Decreased security risk
  • Increased efficiency
  • Outlook compatible
  • Can be combined with other BioSec products
  • Easy to install