What is GateKeeper?

GateKeeper is a physical access control system based on biometric technology. GateKeeper is specialized in 1:n authentication but can be optionally extended with RFID readers for 1:1 verification. In addition it can be integrated into 3rd party systems.

The GateKeeper in details:
The GateKeeper is a palm vein recognition based biometric access control system, which ensures the highest security level with 1:n identification, but it can be also combined with RFID in case of request. As palm vein recognition is one the most advanced biometric technologies, it is perfectly suitable for the protection of high security places. However, palm vein recognition based access control is not only for high security places, it can be also deployed wherever fast, convenient and easy to use (mass) authentication is needed. In case of premises with different security levels, the BioSec hybrid access control system can be a cost effective solution, which combines our GateKeeper physical access control system with RFID. Using our hybrid access control system, high security places can be protected by palm vein recognition based authentication, while low risk access points can be accessed by using RFID cards.

Main benefits of using BioSec’s GateKeeper physical access control system:

  • Highest security in personal authentication
  • It can be integrated with most systems
  • 256 bit encryption, also encrypted data flow and database
  • Active Directory compatible, therefore IT and physical access right management can be done using only one surface
  • Equally suited for large or small systems
  • Mass authentication module
  • Visitor management, antipassback, antioutback
  • 1:n or 1:1 authentication
  • It can be combined with RFID
  • It can be used for controlling electromechanical entry devices (turnstiles, gates, magnetic locks, barriers) 

Main parts of the BioSec GateKeeper system:


Triple1 terminal

The Triple1 is a biometric access control device specialized in 1:n identification.
Thanks to its unique modular design, it can be installed in three versions,
including a contactless option.

Triple1+ terminal

The Triple1+ is a biometric access control device with a high
security palm vein recognition terminal and an RFID reader in one device.

TimeKeeper terminal

The TimeKeeper is a biometric time and attendance device for
accurate and seamless clocking in and out.

Rector controller

The Controller is an access point controlling device, which
manages biometric- and RFID readers. The controller can
function both in online and offline modes.

PS Guide

Registration desk terminal for the enrolment of high quality
biometric templates.

RFID reader

Optional RFID reader for 1:1 verification.