What is PayHAND?
PayHAND is a closed loop cashless payment system with biometric palm vein authentication, to make our hand our wallet.

PayHAND in details:
PayHAND is a closed loop cashless payment solution, where palm vein recognition based biometric technology is combined with complete management system. By using PayHAND, cards and PIN codes can be replaced by the wave of a hand, as the client only needs his/her hand for cashless payment. In addition, the contactless cashless payment is one of the best alternative of payment methods, since the costs of cash handling will be decreased, while providing a customer friendly solution, where clients do not have to worry about identity fraud and the protection of the data on the cards.
Besides cashless payment, PayHAND provides loyalty programmes, without the need for issuing loyalty cards.

Main benefits of using PayHAND:

  • Unsecure passwords, which can be stolen easily are replaced and managed by single-gate biometric identification
  • No more expiring passwords
  • Reduced costs of cash handling
  • Decreased security risk
  • Increased efficiency
  • The system can be customized individually and it is easy to integrate into any existing system
  • Transparent administrative processes
  • Complete restaurant and waiter system
  • Loyalty programmes can be created
  • Faster service, greater income
  • Can be combined with other BioSec systems