What is StadiumGuard?
StadiumGuard is a security and service solution package, which was specially developed for stadiums, sport halls and sport venues. StadiumGuard is rather a concept than a collection of products. The main goal of StadiumGuard is to create a zero tolerance based security system for family-friendly stadiums.

StadiumGuard in details:
StadiumGuard is an integrated and modular system, which was specially developed for stadiums and larger facilities. By using StadiumGuard, the facility operator has one solution package, which provides a cost-effective solution for stadium security and services challenges. StadiumGuard ensures a comprehensive solution for access control-, ticketing-, cashless payment- and seating surveillance, providing a unique solution package for advanced stadium operation. In addition, StadiumGuard creates a zero tolerance concept for hooliganism, as the system ensures that banned people are kept outside the stadium during their banishment. The customers can choose and combine the StadiumGuard modules independently. The main advantage of StadiumGuard is that it is suitable to enhance both security and the service levels, thus enabling a high security, family friendly stadium without additional costs.

The modules of StadiumGuard:
Ticketbox, complete ticketing solution. Online ticket purchase, fan card handling, ticketing with RFID cards, bar codes and QR code reading are only a few features of the solution.
GateKeeper+, complete physical access control system (barcode, QR code, RFID card and biometrics can be both applied). The system has a monitoring and event management system specially developed for sport facilities, which supports the work of police and security forces.
LifePass+, palm vein recognition based biometric authentication system for stadiums, where physical access control already exists. In such cases, LifePass will be integrated into the stadium’s physical access control system, providing a fast, reliable and highly secure authentication for fans. Using LifePass, 100% personalised tickets can be created, eliminating ticket black market and unauthorised access to the stadium.
PayHAND, closed loop cashless payment system (RFID), which can be optionally equipped with palm vein recognition based authentication system.
Stadium security camera surveillance system, which is provided by our partner, but it has been fully integrated with our GateKeeper physical access control system.

Main benefits of using StadiumGuard:

  • Management of an unlimited number of access points
  • Unlimited number of users
  • ~1 second verification time when using biometrics
  • By using biometrics, 100% personalised tickets can be created, thus ensuring a zero tolerance concept
  • Comprehensive logging and monitoring system
  • 100% personalised tickets
  • Banned people can be kept outside the stadium with the highest certainty
  • It can be integrated with other products
  • Family-friendly stadium can be created with higher security and service level
  • Easier operation
  • Vanished ticket black market
  • By using cashless payment, the costs of cash handling will be reduced, accounting becomes more transparent