The biometric authentication system is a technology, which measures the individual physical characteristics of a body and uses the data for personal authentication. In our case, the vein sensor within the palm vein scanner measures and records the hand’s vein structure by the emission of infrared light.

In opposite to other technologies, which use surface characteristics (fingerprint, face recognition) the vein sensor measures the vein structure below one’s skin, therefore the biometric template cannot be stolen. Due to the fact that we are using an inner biometric characteristics, secret data collection is not possible without one’s knowledge.

The palm vein recognition based technology’s uniqueness and advantages:

  • It identifies the vein structure within the hand in 5 000 000 points under 0.8 - 1 second, therefore it works with the lowest error rate
  • It can be used regardless of outdoor weather and light conditions
  • It does not leave any trace during use, therefore it cannot be used for secret data collection
  • by using the technology, the identified person’s health conditions cannot be determined

BioSec’s palm vein recognition based solutions are perfectly suitable for mass authentication, which is underlined by several references. During our developments, it was an important aspect to create solutions, which can ensure the secondary right management of existing RFID card based access control systems and IT security solutions, therefore providing an opportunity for cost effective developments.